Saturday, May 18, 2013

Project 52: Week Twenty


That's where I first saw this idea.

It was near the beginning of my pinterest days, where I spent too much time scrolling through things that others had pinned, and repinning them without even seeing if the link worked.

Fortunately for me, the link DID work, and so did the idea!

6 months ago, we got a wood stove. The bearing on the fan motor went out within days, and my husband dragged the stove out of the fireplace and onto the carpet for repairs.  His work resulted in THIS.

My wonderful mother scrubbed at these stains with ALL SORTS of cleaners, but with little effect.  Every day, I walk into this room and contemplate when I'm going to be able to replace this carpet, or find the perfect rug to cover it.

Until this week, when I remembered that pin I pinned, where the blogger said she cleaned her grease stained carpet with common household stuff...

A little vinegar, Dawn dishwashing liquid, and some water, and a small amount of scrubbing got me THIS.

Is it perfect? No.

Is it a million times better? Definitely!

Thank you blogosphere! ...and Pinterest, of course.

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