Saturday, April 6, 2013

Project 52: Week Fourteen

Wow...pretty sure I haven't consistently kept a New Years goal for this long EVER.  Pretty sweet.

So, it's cake again.

This time it's not for me.  It's for a cake auction at church, the help the youth earn money for their summer camps and youth conferences. We're not even going to be there, but I figure that someday, it will be MY girls trying to raise money, and in that day, I'll be wishing someone would sign up to help, so, yeah...

Anyway...there are people at church who do AMAZINGLY beautiful cakes with fondant and frosting flowers and swirls, and I already know I have issues when it comes to cake decorating.

So I kept it simple.

SIX layers of chocolate cake.
Filled with caramel cream cheese frosting.
Caramel and chocolate frosting decking the outside in the ever popular OMBRE.

Okay, not simple, and totally out of my league when it comes to cakes, but hey! this year is about trying new things!

It's a good thing I did a practice cake first, so I could make all the mistakes I didn't want to make on the REAL cake.

8 layers of rich cakey goodness

Mix up WAY too much frosting because I didn't follow a recipe

Fill the layers with the frosting that was a little runny because I figured it wouldn't matter on the inside

Make pretty ombre layers while trying to hold the cake up as the layers slide off each other

Everything started to collapse pretty quickly, but it sure looked yummy!

And for your viewing pleasure, the REAL DEAL...which only ended up being 3 layers so the amount of frosting wasn't so overwhelming, and also didn't slide all over the place once it was finished.

All smoothed out - 


I hope that whoever bought it enjoyed the caramel chocolate creaminess as much as I would have...

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