Saturday, April 27, 2013

Project 52: Week Seventeen

TEN years ago, I was just finishing up my freshman year in college.  

I was also saying goodbye to the almost constant pain in my wrists resulting from the hours of practicing for the organ class I was taking.  (Which I got an A in, by the way...ha.)

Since then, I've had the calling to play the organ each Sunday in several of our wards (church congregations) but haven't done much with the organ besides that.  Most of the time, I ignore the pedals entirely, and just stretch my fingers to play everything on the keyboards up top.  And because everyone is singing, most people don't even notice if you mess up, unless it's a huge mistake.

This week, however, I was asked to play for a WEDDING.  

No singing congregation.

Just ME...and the folks walking down the aisle.

And everybody listening in that moment that was supposed to be perfect.

It was really tempting to say NO.  There was another woman who would most likely be able to step in and play for the wedding.  

I said YES.

Except for the few mistakes I made after everyone had already left the chapel, I did GREAT!  

No pictures this week, unless someone miraculously decides to send me some, which I doubt, since I didn't actually know the couple well at all.

And now that this is under my belt, least I now know I can!

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